Enabling the Mobile Government Workforce (MGW)

MGW-4: Warfighters on the Move - Implementing Roaming Data Centers


10:15 AM - 11:15 AM


Lee Collison

Force 3, Inc.

Our warfighters are on the move, and to ensure their safety, effectiveness and agility, information needs to follow them.  During this session, attendees will learn conceptual design tactics and practical application uses for roaming data centers, built to follow soldiers from site to site in the heat of the battle.  Utilizing hypervisor, DLP and directory service technologies allow these roaming data centers to consume a small, yet secure foot print.  Maximizing the hypervisor to provide VDI as the desktop image in conjunction with DLP and the “Zero” thin client adds high levels of security so data cannot be taken offsite without proper authorization.

Learning Objectives:
• Datacenter endpoint security concepts
• Datacenter mobility concepts
• Datacenter mobility design concepts