Cloud Technology

CV 2-1 Optimizing Control and Security in Your Cloud


10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Kevin Jackson

Kevin Jackson

Vice President & General Manager, Cloud Services


Jim Sweeney

Jim Sweeney



Frederick Whiteside

Frederick Whiteside (Moderator)

Project Manager, NIST Cloud Computing Program

Department of Commerce

Keep your head in the clouds and your backside out of trouble by understanding the benefits and risks of cloud computing, from both the IT security and contracting angles. Explore a successful cloud computing hosting environment between a global IT company and the defense department (DOD), and hear how to address security concerns through architecture.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn why it is essential to clearly define your agency’s requirements when entering cloud computing contracts.
  • Discover how to securely blend your existing infrastructure into a cloud framework.
  • Examine lessons learned from a successful cloud implementation between DOD and a leading commercial IT company.

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