FOSE provides unique technology experiences, one-of-a-kind networking oppotunities and an unparallelled forecast of where the future of governtment technology is headed; these are just some reasons people keep coming back. See what your peers have to say about their FOSE experience.

Hear what FOSE regulars and newbies have to say about their experience and what keeps them coming back -  Just hit play!
Nolan Jones, Director of eGovernment Innovation, NIC Karen Evans, National Director, U.S. Cyber Challenge Dr. Laurel Myers

“I recommend attending FOSE to any government employee, not just IT personnel. It is always good to stay informed about technology, especially since the Cloud is here and technology change is happening so fast. Thanks for the experience!”

-Lucille, Dula, U.S. Department of Agriculture

“FOSE is an outstanding show that strives to meet the technological needs in an ever-developing world.”

-Cliff McCullough, MCCDC

"The unique technology experiences and the ability to learn from experts in a huge array of information systems and process areas make FOSE one of the best uses of a technologist’s time ever.”

-W.A. Ballweber, Communications Specialist, Office of Communications, U.S. Department of Justice

“FOSE is great because it has information about technology all in one place and provides the education to back up all that technology.”

-Dr.Laurel Myers

“This was my first year attending FOSE and I must say, I was impressed by how much it had to offer. I will definitely plan to attend next year!”

-Larissa Bryant, IT Specialist, USDA

“I did have a positive experience, being that this is my first year. I saw and interacted with a lot of vendors who demonstrated some useful tools that I believe could become valuable in the government.”

-Mathew Adams, DISA

“Any company or individual working in the government technology solutions space cannot afford to miss this tailor-made event. The takeaways from FOSE far outweigh the time invested in attending the 3 day event.”

-Arun Isukapalli, Project Manager, NetVision Resources, Inc.

“I’ve been attending FOSE for the last several years now. I can tell you that the excitement in me grows to the point of overflowing prior to the start of every expo.”

-Steve Meassena, Team Lead, IT Support

“In spite of the shrinking job market, FOSE continues to open doors to new possibilities and inspire new work. I took a number of observed trends back to my company to share with colleagues about how our work can improve and grow in the future.”

-Keith Potts, Systems Analyst, Harris Corporation

“I beleive that FOSE is essential for the government contractor; it is the place where both networking and information gathering about new technologies can take place within a professional atmosphere. FOSE is a meaningful investment of both time and effort that enhances my undertstanding of the scope of the IT Industry, and the needs of my clients in government at the same time, all while meeting the very people that fulfill the very needs of both!”

-Stephen P. Robertson,LSI

"FOSE is the mecca of tradeshows. Think huge exhibit floor with tons of exhibitors plus lots of break-out sessions. Probably the biggest of all government events I've ever been to. I always love cruising around the hall seeing the latest tech from all the exhibitors (and some sweet free swag too)."

-Steve Ressler, GovLoop Founder