Track 3: Next Generation Government: Gov 2.0 and Beyond (GT)

Session GT-2: Putting Government Data on the Web: It sounds like a great idea. Now, how do we do it?


2:30 PM - 3:45 PM

Prerequisite: None

The U.S. Federal Government, government agencies and related groups have an opportunity to open the doors of government, increase transparency and improve database interoperability by applying Web standards to the process of putting government data on the Web. There is a lot of discussion around the value and process of government agencies providing raw data online, where it can be accessed by the public or designated users. In 2009, we saw the launch of, which represents a progressive step toward providing government information via the Web. Critics of commented that despite the effort, much of the data was not presented in a usable format. Why? What needs to be done to make it useable?

However, there are several challenges facing IT departments and executives working to provide usable government data online. We are now starting to realize the obstacles to this process posed by legal, technical, security and policy concerns. Best practices for using linked data technologies for data management and publishing are being developed and shared across organizations – and these best practices are helping companies to surmount challenges that once made transparency via the Web impossible.

Through a discussion of real industry case studies, this panel discussion will review how to approach the challenges around data integration infrastructure and leveraging the Web as a database. The panel would be divided into three 10-15 minute discussions on current success stories and available standards and approaches to the following:

  1. Increasing government transparency by using the Web as a database for government data – why this is so important.
  2. Using linked data technologies to format data on the Web,
  3. Interoperability – how to connect systems and databases effectively,
  4. Accessing Government data via the Web: Why the Web is an ideal place to provide government data.

Although the overall focus will be solution based, it will not go too far into any code or language to ensure the audience understands the tools and approaches available to help make their goals happen. After the panel presentations, the discussion would open to the audience for Q&A.