Enabling the Mobile Government Workforce (MGW)

MGW-1: Federal Executive Insights on Mobility in Government


10:15 AM - 11:15 AM

Mark Day

Mark Day (Moderator)

General Service Administration

Troy Lange

National Security Agency


Gloria Richmond

Federal Aviation Administration, Department of Transportation


Tim Schmidt

U.S. Department of Transportation

The session will strive to gain perspectives and insights from federal executive leaders within the Civilian and DoD Intelligence communities on mobility and its impact on government. Mobile technology, during the age of open government, has propelled its way into the mainstream information technology marketplace over the last decade, presenting opportunities for new innovations within federal IT enterprises along with challenges.    Agency-wide tele-work initiatives are underway and the uses of secure mobile applications, as a way to reduce costs and reach many in an effort to grow revenues, are proving to be compelling talking points among many federal executives. The participating panelist are currently driving different organizational programs, and share a common interest in leveraging mobile technology within their enterprises, while embracing concepts and ideas from industry and maintaining continuity with government policies and procedures.

Learning Objectives:

bulletDefining mobility and its use and place within the federal government
bulletMobile Data Security, the real challenges in mitigating risks
bulletUnderstanding the many faces of mobile applications and their uses for government
bulletIndustries role in working with the federal government to secure agile mobile solutions

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