Cybersecurity Conference

CyberCybersecurity is challenging for any organization - from the protection and detection perspective, but more realistically from an executive management, programmatic, and technical execution prospective.

This conference will focus on the solutions needed to execute on defensive security from both the executive programmatic and technical execution views by discussing the priority work in CIO and CISO shops in the federal government today as FISMA changes to a more defensive implementation and the White House mandates cyber priorities.

Who Should Attend

  • Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs)
  • CIOs
  • CTOs
  • Chief Architects
  • Senior IT Program Management
  • Cyber Professionals

Learning Objectives

  • Understand continuous monitoring programmatics and technologies.
  • Learn threat intelligence sources and strategies in the civilian government space.
  • Address current attacks including insider threats.

Cybersecurity Conference Program

Track 1: Management/Policy

Track 2: Technology 


Continuous Monitoring - the Pragmatics
Looking for a solution to FISMA C&A paper process, continuous monitoring has risen to the top as the solution of the future.

Continuous Monitoring - Monitoring Tools
The new buzz words for all products in the federal space today are "continuous monitoring". Learn what products are supporting these programs.


Security Innovation - How to Pick the Right Direction
Innovation is the buzz word of IT and security, and increasingly necessary as current technology ages and no longer protects against known attacks or advanced threats. Hear current CISOs and CIOs discuss their innovative technology directions.

Security Innovation - Hygiene, Threat, Detection, Tolerance - Old Dogs, New Tricks
Understanding the mitigation strategies after incidents has opened the door for technologies that help manage IT systems. This sessions will examine new technologies mitigating security incidents.


Threat Intelligence in the Civilian Government - What's Available, How Can the Intelligence Community Help & What is for Sale?
Five years ago, little threat intelligence was available to anyone outside of the intelligence community. Today, access to intelligence comes in many different avenues. Hear how these methods are currently being used at US-CERT and other departments and agencies.

Threat Intelligence - New Threat Intelligence Products
Examine the different and unique kinds of data available today and current use case studies for this data.

ROI of Security - Creative Security Funding
It has been commonly said that there is no ROI in security, but this is only true if we focus on securing boxes. Today, the ROI in security is the ROI in protecting the mission. Hear case studies of funding security through governance, taxation, cloud and revitalization.

ROI of Security - Cost Saving Technical Solutions
Living for nearly 2 years on a continuing resolution makes funding technical security solutions nearly impossible. Hear case studies of innovative implementations of technology during the CR with cost saving results. 


New Attacks - What Do They Mean to the Mission?
This session will review the 10 new attacks of 2011 and analyze what being a victim of these attacks means to the business.

New Attacks - Needle in the Haystack - Identifying the Critical Attacks
How do critical attacks rise to the top, out of the thousands of alerts a day? This session will examine top attacks of 2011, showing how they were discovered and determined to be critical. 


Insider Threat - the New Presidential Directive
Wiki Leaks has changed the way security is approached in almost every industry today. This session will enable a better understanding of the Presidential Directive and examine the progress to protect against these threats.

Insider Threat - Technical Approach to Insider Threats
Monitoring and detecting Insider Threats from a technical, automated perspective is a new and growing industry. This sessions will discuss several cases of monitoring and detecting insider threats.

Educational Partner: MKA

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