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Steven VanRoekel
U.S. Chief Information Officer

Tom Koulopoulos
Author of The Innovation Zone

Senator George J. Mitchell
Former U.S. Special Envoy for Middle East
Peace under the Obama Administration,
former Senate Majority Leader








Admiral Eric Olson

Former Commander of the U.S. Special Operations Command, Retired Four-star Navy SEAL Admiral

Anne Armstrong

Anne Armstrong
President & Chief Content Officer, 1105 Media, Government Information Group




Lisa Schlosser
Office of Management and Budget


Susan Swart
Chief Information Officer
Bureau of Information Resource Management
U.S. Department of State


Dawn Meyerriecks
Assistant Director of National Intelligence for Acquisition, Technology & Facilities
Office of the Director of National Intelligence

Linda Brooks Rix
President & Co-CEO
Avue Technologies

Judith Marks
President & Chief Executive Officer
Siemens Government Technologies


Building a 21st Century Digital Government

Federal Chief Information Officer Steven VanRoekel will discuss the Administration’s strategy for innovating with less; the future landscape of federal IT; as well as his vision for implementing a common approach to the design of future Federal architectures.

Steven VanRoekel is the second Chief Information Officer of the United States, appointed by President Obama on August 5th, 2011. Prior to his position in the White House, Mr. VanRoekel held two positions in the Obama Administration: Executive Director of Citizen and Organizational Engagement at the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and Managing Director of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). At the FCC, Mr. VanRoekel oversaw all operational, technical, financial, and human resource aspects of the agency. He also led the FCC's efforts to introduce new technology and social media into the agency.

Prior to joining government in 2009, Mr. VanRoekel spent his entire career at Microsoft Corporation, including a stint as Speech and Strategy Assistant to Bill Gates, the corporation's co-founder, and most recently as Senior Director of the Windows Server division. He received a B.A. in Management of Information Systems from Iowa State University. Learn more.

FutureTech: IT's Impact on Your Enterprise and Your Life

FutureTech: IT's Impact on Your Enterprise and Your Life

Tom Koulopoulos looks at the future of technology in the coming decades and examines the impact on business and social interaction. What are the key trends that will shape our world going forward? What long-term radical change will cloud computing bring about? How can government organizations think young and stay on the cutting edge? Can you build business relationships and create messaging using social networking? How do you recognize the next big idea? Koulopoulos challenges prevailing assumptions and explores ways to make technology innovations work for you. Learn more.

Turmoil in the Middle East: What Changes in Technology Mean to Gobal Security & Peace

Senator George Mitchell is a renowned peace negotiator and was instrumental in securing the historic Good Friday agreement between the Republic of Ireland and the British-controlled North in the mid 1990’s. Such are his skills, experience and track record in conflict resolution that President Obama (on his second day in office) appointed Senator Mitchell as his Special Envoy to the Middle East. Once again, the world looked to George Mitchell to bring lasting peace to a region tormented by violence, a task he pursued between 2009 and 2011. However, global conflict and security had changed, partially due to new technology. In this presentation, Senator Mitchell will share unprecedented insight into the inner working of the negotiations and provide a rare glimpse into the Middle East today. He will convey how technology is changing the way conflicts are being fought and its impact on the discussions to resolve them. Learn more.   

Using Technology to Empower the New Fighter Warrior: Lessons from the “Bull Frog” Seal Commander

Please Note: This session is closed to the media.

Special operations units - from the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps - have proven themselves as America's "go to" forces. They have conducted many of the most notable commando raids of recent history, the assault on Osama bin Laden's compound among them, and they have performed hundreds of sensitive training and support missions worldwide. From 2007 to 2011, the man most responsible for building, equipping and training the special operations teams was Admiral Eric Olson. A career Navy SEAL himself, and the first SEAL to reach both three-star and four-star rank, Admiral Olson led the United States Special Operations Command during a period of unprecedented activity and growth. His 38 years of service were marked by both personal valor and multiple leadership assignments, including command of some of our Nation's most secretive organizations. Drawing from the NASA composite photograph of "the world at night," Admiral Olson will share his unique perspectives on emerging global challenges and how to build high-performing teams to address them. Learn more.

Women Leaders in Technology Panel

Join a panel of top executives from government and industry as they look at how changes in technology drive changes in the way executives manage and focus on mission. Panelists will discuss new cybersecurity challenges, big data and mobile technology to name a few transforming technologies, as well as address how they change the workforce, the workplace and the nature of work. Learn more.

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