Mobile Conference

MobileThe use of smart phones and tablets present the possibility of changing the way agencies communicate with citizens as well as how they conduct the business of government. Advanced mobility offers the potential of enormous cost savings--which everyone is looking for in a tough budget environment. The addition of smart phones and tablets into the enterprise present challenges in the development of a Mobile Ecosystem, Human Capital/Workforce Management, Security, and IT Infrastructure.

The Mobile conference will examine the current issues facing mobility implementation from both a management and technical perspective.

Who Should Attend

  • CIOs/Deputy CIOs
  • Technology Leaders
  • Telecommunications Managers
  • CISOs
  • Enterprise Architects
  • Senior IT Managers
  • Business Transformation Leaders

Mobile Conference Program

Track 1: The Business Case for Advanced Mobility

While Advanced Mobility intuitively offers the promise of increased efficiencies, in the age of budget concerns, making a business case for mobility is imperative. This track will look how to establish the business case and possible ways to finance mobility in your agency. It will look at the various types of business units within your organization and help determine where “going mobile” will provide the most benefit. It will look into what the private sector has done, and what are the lessons to be learned that are applicable to government. It will also “peek ahead” to some of the trends that one has to consider when making a plan to move to advanced mobility.

Track 2: Addressing the Challenges

This track is a “how-to” look at planning and executing an Advanced Mobility Ecosystem in your agency. It will cover the many disparate elements of this ecosystem including the development of a an “App Store” to older issues such as Wi-Fi and In-Building wireless that have increased importance in the new smartphone and tablet environment where ubiquitous coverage is demanded by users. The risk perspective and security requirements in the varying components of the ecosystem will be addressed.


Applying Advanced Mobility

Mobile Device Management - A Look at the Options


A Look at the Mobile Fortune 500

Mobility IT Infrastructure - "Can You Hear Me Now?"


Anywhere, Anytime: Expanded Opportunities for the Workforce

Security - Understanding the Threat Vectors

CIO Mobility Summit

Agile Advanced Mobility Procurement Challenges


What the Research Shows: The Future of Mobile

Development of an App Eco System - Enterprise App Store Strategies

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