Records & Information Management Conference

Records_InfoBoth Records Managers and Information Technology professionals in the federal government have been challenged to support a wide variety of information access and management initiatives. These include eFOIA support, eDiscovery management and compliance with government audits and regulations.

Given today's challenging economic times, it is imperative that all initiatives requiring access to documents, data and a host of other information sources, are conducted in a cost-effective yet efficient manner while still maintaining the authenticity and auditability of this information.

This conference will focus on the issues and concerns of federal government staff and contractors responsbile for developing and supporting the policies, procedures and technologies that manage records and information.

Who Should Attend

  • Records Administrators & Officers
  • Program Managers
  • CIOs
  • CTOs
  • Project Managers
  • Data & Information Administrators

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the impact the President's Executive Level Directive will have on Federal Records and Information Management programs.
  • Understand what Organizational Change Management practices can aid in migration to new systems and technologies.
  • Learn the best practices agencies are already using to manage records and information throughout their enterprises and how to encourage collaboration while at the same time protecting the integrity and security of the records and information management program. 

Records & Information Management Conference Program

Keynote: David S. Ferriero
The Archivist of the United States
National Archives and Records Management Administration (NARA)

Track 1: Best Practices and Standards

Information governance is needed to provide the "rules of the road" for managing the dislocated and disparate repositories that have sprung up across many Federal agencies. These rules may be supported by technologies and standards but are made up of people (and their accountabilities), processes and quality & audit controls.

Track 2: Technology and Innovation

Information supporting government operations is being created at lightning speed in such voluminous amounts that the use of new technologies and practices is not only recommended, it is a necessity. Learn from the technology experiences of others that have implemented enterprise records management systems and understand the impact that innovative technologies will have on your implementation efforts.


What Does Information Governance and Regulatory Compliance Mean in the Federal Sector?
Moderator: LaJuanna Russell, President, Business Management Association

ERM Software Vendor Panel


How to Measure Program Success Panel

The Electronic Records Archive: What's Next?


Managing Organizational Change When Implementing and Deploying Records Management Systems

Preserving and Sharing Knowledge - Case Study

Convergence of eDiscovery, RM, eFOIA

Big Data, Analytics and Records: Fighting Fraud and Abuse - Case Study


Digital Preservation Panel
Moderator: Carol Brock, former U.S. Treasury
Panelists: Betsy Fanning, AIIM International; William "Butch" Lazorchak, Library of Congress

Panel: Innovating Your Way to Managing Information and Records

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